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【Huanuo electronics】New Year's new weather 2022, we're starting!

Release time: 2022-02-16   views: 93

Say goodbye to the old and welcome the new, Vientiane is renewed

Farewell to 2021 of hard work and full harvest

2022 Hebi Huanuo coal inspection instrument will make persistent efforts

Take a new step, pack up and go.

Keep working towards new goals!

Welcome to 2022, full of hope and forge ahead.

We continue to start from "new", keep walking, and climb the peak bravely!

On the road of promoting coal quality analyzers, we know that coal quality analyzers provide great help for the quality control and production management of various coal types in coal plants by providing real-time information. Therefore, we need to strive for excellence. Huanuo Electronics adheres to its own corporate mission: adhere to quality-oriented, regard reputation as life, and will escort all "coal quality testers"!

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