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Product Name:WDL-8000A Microcomputer Automatic Sulphur Measuring Instrument
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Shelf time:2019-07-23
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  • 1. The coulometric method for the determination of total sulfur has the advantages of wide test range, high test precision and good repeatability; high automation, safety and reliability; easy operation for cleaning and replacing electrolyte without frequent replacement of desiccant.

    2. Automatic warning of sample weighing range; real-time monitoring of environmental temperature and humidity in the laboratory; automatic prompting of the results of overshoot.

    3. Sample coding and automatic transmission of weight information; backup and upload of test results; tamper-proof of experimental data.

    4. The working temperature of the system can be set between 600 ~1150 ~C by the software (1050 ~800 ~C for coal and 800 ~C for petroleum).

    5. The standard RS232 serial interface is used between micro-computer and single-chip computer system, which has the characteristics of simple connection, reliable transmission, long transmission distance and low failure rate.

    6. The single-chip computer system is responsible for controlling the temperature of the high temperature furnace and collecting the measured data, and transfers the data to the main control computer through the serial line. The data are processed by the computer, and the overall performance of the system is greatly improved with the cooperation of the main program of the computer.

    7. The system places the high temperature furnace, magnetic mixer, air purification device, electrolytic cell, automatic sample feeding mechanism and single-chip computer control circuit in the same case reasonably, which makes the whole system beautiful, small, easy to place and connect, simple operation and daily maintenance of the system.

    8. Realize the management of login authority and record the information of experiment process.

  • Sulfur analyzer is the main instrument for measuring sulfur content in coal (micro-coulometry is used for determining sulfur content in petroleum) and total sulfur content in coal. It is one of the important indexes for evaluating coal quality, and it is also one of the main components of air pollution. Therefore, coal production departments and coal departments such as fertilizer, power generation, civil, coking and building materials attach great importance to the analysis of total sulfur in coal. Sulfur analyzer is mainly used to determine the total sulfur content in coal, iron and steel and various minerals. It is the preferred and necessary instrument for laboratories of departments such as coal, power, chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy, geological exploration, commodity inspection and environmental protection detection.
  • Sulfur measurement range: 0.01-40%

    Sample weight: 45-55 mg (coal), 80-100 mg (oil)

    Temperature control range: 1150 C (coal, coke), 920 C (oil)

    Analysis time: about 5 minutes

    Operating temperature: 1150 +2.

    Temperature control accuracy: 0.1 level

    Rated power: <4KW

    Power supply voltage: 220V + 10% 50Hz

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