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Product Name:NJ-8 Microcomputer Bond Index Measuring Instrument
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Shelf time:2019-07-23
  • Features
  • Range
  • Parameter
  • Adopt standard
  • 1. The drum sensor adopts imported integrated electronic switch, which has the characteristics of long use time and strong anti-interference performance. It has simple structure and reliable performance.
    2. The reducer does not need to fill in the oil, which solves the problem of oil leakage of the reducer.
    3. No need to set the number of drums, computer automatic control.
    4. The number of start-up of bond index automatic memory.
    5. Display method: LED digital display, manual reset or automatic reset.
    6. The number of drum turning of bond index is 50+1/min, which is better than the national standard.
    7. The bond index rotates without noise.
  • NJ-8 micro-computer bond index tester is a special instrument for measuring the bond ability of coking coal-Roga index and bond index. It is suitable for the laboratory use of coal, metallurgy, coking departments and scientific research institutes. In line with the national standard GB/T5447-1997 "Bituminous Coal Binder Index Measurement Method".

    Principle of measurement

    NJ-8 microprocessor bond index tester is driven by a motor through worm reducer to rotate two drums at a speed of 50+1/min. The strength test of coal sample coke block is carried out in the drum, and the wear resistance of coal block, i.e. the size of failure resistance, is used to express the bonding ability of the sample.

  • Rotary drum speed: 50 + 1 rpm

    Display mode: LED digital display, manual reset or automatic reset on boot.

    Power supply voltage: 220V

    Motor power: 120W

    Shape size: 500 x 460 x 330 (length x width x height)

    Weight: 45kg

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