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Product Name:GT-6000 X-ray fluorescence calcium-iron analyzer
Product price:
Shelf time:2019-07-23
  • Features
  • Range
  • Parameter
  • Adopt standard
  • 1. Computerized integration, compact structure, beautiful appearance.

    2. Large screen LCD display, full Chinese menu prompt operation, very convenient to use.

    3. The analysis time is short and the percentages of CaO and Fe2O3 are given in 30 seconds.

    4. The instrument does not destroy the sample, and the sample can be reused.

    5. No chemical reagents, no three wastes, no radioactive sources, low power consumption, in line with the requirements of environmental protection and energy saving.

    6. Data storage is large, content results and instrument self-test data can be queried, avoiding printing consumables.

    7. The instrument implements GB/T 19140 General Principles for Cement X-ray Fluorescence Analysis.

  • GT-6000 X-ray fluorescence Ca-Fe analyzer is a new type of desktop instrument which adopts pure physical analysis method. It is used in cement plant. It can rapidly analyze the percentage of CaO and Fe2O3 in materials in 30 seconds. Provide timely data for ingredient control. Because of its fast analysis speed (30 seconds), it can real-time monitor the composition changes in the production process, facilitate the timely adjustment of raw material ratio, and lay a solid foundation for the production of qualified clinker and cement. At the same time, it can be used to analyze the percentage of CaO and Fe2O3 in limestone, clay, iron powder, fly ash, coal gangue and other mixtures to provide quality data for raw materials. It can also be used in various occasions where the percentage of CaO and Fe2O3 needs to be analyzed, such as lime factory, mine, power plant, brick and tile factory, etc.
  • 1. Scope of analysis: CaO, Fe2O3 0.01%-100%.

    2. Analysis accuracy: Standard deviation SCaO < 0.05%, SFe2O3 < 0.05% (raw cement)

    3. Analysis width: CaO (Fe2O3)% max-CaO (Fe2O3)% min < 15%.

    For example, CaO in cement ranges from 38.00% to 53.00%, which is selected by calibrating working curve.

    4. Analysis time: n*30 seconds (n is 1-5 natural number).

    5. Conditions of use: power supply AC200V-240V; ambient temperature 0-40 C; relative humidity < 85% (30 C)

    6. Power Consumption: <30W

    7. Size of the whole machine: 468mm*368mm*136mm

    8. Whole machine weight: 13.8kg

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