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Product Name:WDL-9000A Microcomputer Automatic Sulphur Measuring Instrument
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Shelf time:2019-07-23
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  • 1. With the vertical integrated structure, the automatic sampling, sampling mechanism, high temperature pyrolysis furnace, electrolytic cell, agitator, air purification system and other components are skillfully combined to make the instrument structure more compact, more reasonable and more stable.

    2. The instrument can be connected with an electronic balance. The automatic weighing can be realized by the keys when weighing the sample. It can install 24 samples at a time. It has the function of queue insertion and queuing again. The additional samples can get the chance of prior determination. Special flat-bottomed corundum ceramic boat is used to reduce the possibility of card type. The program control realizes automatic heating, temperature control, sample feeding and determination, and the results are automatically saved and printed. It can also add samples in the middle, which greatly improves the work efficiency and truly realizes unattended.

    3. The whole testing process after sample loading can be unattended, which greatly improves the testing efficiency. The determination process is automatically controlled by program: automatic continuous sample feeding, automatic control of start and end of test, automatic coulometric titration, automatic data processing and data preservation, data printing. In addition, the instrument has the function of networking, which can realize remote data sharing and data report uploading.

    4. The current of coulometric titration is constant, and the coulometric integral is realized by software to ensure the titration result. The determination time can be judged automatically according to different coal samples, each sample is about 5 minutes. The speed is better than Eska gravimetric analysis and high temperature combustion neutralization.

    5. The system error can achieve the function of self-dynamic multi-point correction directly by software, and ensure the accuracy and accuracy of various kinds of samples in high, middle and low levels. The test results are superior to those of national standards, with good repeatability and high accuracy.

    6. The furnace adopts imported new energy-saving materials, which have good thermal insulation performance, fast heating speed, environmental protection, low carbon, energy saving and high efficiency. The temperature control precision of PID is high and the service life of furnace and silicon carbon tube is effectively protected. In addition, the air intake function of the sample is added to enable the sample to burn rapidly and completely, thus ensuring the accuracy of the test.

    7. The new patented structure is adopted in the air passage. It is very convenient and practical to replace the silica gel for loading and unloading the drying pipe, and it has good air tightness and low failure rate. The imported air pump is used to ensure the stability and reliability of the gas source.

    8. The whole instrument structure is designed by modularization of components. The disassembly of component modules is convenient and interchangeable. It is very convenient for the installation, commissioning and maintenance of instruments and the follow-up after-sales service. As a component, the automatic continuous sample feeding mechanism can exchange batches of tables, which is very convenient and completely solves the worries of users.

    9. The system design has a special fault diagnosis and detection program. At work, real-time monitoring of the various functional components of the instrument, with fault diagnosis alarm function. In addition, it also has a powerful debugging menu, which greatly facilitates the field installation and debugging of the instrument and the diagnosis and removal of faults. In addition, remote diagnosis and technical support can also be achieved through the Internet.

    10. The temperature control algorithm of PID (proportion, differential and integral) is adopted. The temperature control is accurate and the heating speed is fast.

    11. The contactless switch is adopted, which has the measures of breaking couple protection, hardware overtemperature protection and electrolyte anti-reflux. It is safe and reliable to use.

    12. Using innovative multi-point dynamic coefficient correction method to ensure higher accuracy of coal test results with high, medium and low sulfur content.

    13. The use of advanced USB technology, Plug and Play, reduces the requirements for computers. It can be controlled by a single computer or other instruments to form a comprehensive tester, and the experiment can be controlled by a single computer.

    14. The electronic balance can be connected, and the remote data sharing can be realized through the network.

  • Sulfur analyzer is the main instrument for measuring sulfur content in coal (micro-coulometry is used for determining sulfur content in petroleum) and total sulfur content in coal. It is one of the important indexes for evaluating coal quality, and it is also one of the main components of air pollution. Therefore, coal production departments and coal departments such as fertilizer, power generation, civil, coking and building materials attach great importance to the analysis of total sulfur in coal. Sulfur analyzer is mainly used to determine the total sulfur content in coal, iron and steel and various minerals. It is the preferred and necessary instrument for laboratories of departments such as coal, power, chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy, geological exploration, commodity inspection and environmental protection detection.

    Adoption of standards

    GB/T 214-2007 "Determination of Total Sulfur in Coal"

    GB/T 483-2007 "General Provisions for Coal Analysis Experiment Method"

    GB/T 387-1990 Tube Furnace Method for the Determination of Sulfur Content in Dark Petroleum Products

  • Sulfur measurement range: 0-100%

    Sulfur determination resolution: 0.001

    Test time: 3 - 5 minutes (depending on the type and weight of the sample)

    Testing temperature: 1150 C (coal), 920 C (oil)

    Temperature Control Accuracy: +3 Temperature

    Sample weight: 10-100mg

    Test method: coulometric titration

    Precision: GB/T 214-2007

    Accuracy: within the allowable error range of the standard sample

    Power supply: 220V + 10% 50Hz <=3kw

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