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Product Name:WDL-6000B Microcomputer Rapid Sulfur Meter
Product price:
Shelf time:2019-07-23
  • Features
  • Range
  • Parameter
  • Adopt standard
  • 1. Automatically controlled by single-chip computer, it can automatically correct zero drift without user's adjustment to the instrument.
    2. Furnace temperature setting can be set arbitrarily by keyboard input according to need without opening the machine.
    3. Automatic control of single-chip computer is used to correct and process test data, and print out the results directly.
    4. Users are allowed to compensate and correct the measurement deviation caused by the test conditions, and can be corrected in segments, so that the outage data are not lost.
    5. Automatically adjust the furnace flow size, automatically open the electrolysis, automatically determine the titration end point, and will not produce over-electrolysis.
    6. The whole process of the experiment can be observed by keyboard operation.

  • Sulfur analyzer is the main instrument for measuring sulfur content in coal (micro-coulometry is used for determining sulfur content in petroleum) and total sulfur content in coal. It is one of the important indexes for evaluating coal quality, and it is also one of the main components of air pollution. Therefore, coal production departments and coal departments such as fertilizer, power generation, civil, coking and building materials attach great importance to the analysis of total sulfur in coal. Sulfur analyzer is mainly used to determine the total sulfur content in coal, iron and steel and various minerals. It is the preferred and necessary instrument for laboratories of departments such as coal, power, chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy, geological exploration, commodity inspection and environmental protection detection.
    Adoption of standards
    GB/T 214-2007 "Determination of Total Sulfur in Coal"
    GB/T 483-2007 "General Provisions for Coal Analysis Experiment Method"
  • Measurement range: 0.1-20%
    Analysis time: about 5 minutes
    Temperature Control Accuracy: 1.0 Level
    Working temperature: 1150 +5.
    Temperature rise rate: 30 minutes up to 1200 C
    Electrolytic cell: 400 ml in volume, 1 x 1.5 cm in platinum electrode area
    Power supply voltage: 220V + 10% 50Hz
    Rated power: <4KW

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