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Product Name:WDL-9000B High precision microcomputer automatic sulfur analyzer (with computer and printer)
Product price:
Shelf time:2021-04-06
  • Features
  • Range
  • Parameter
  • Adopt standard
  • Standards adopted
    GB / t214-2007 determination of total sulfur in coal
    Jjg1006 --- 2005 verification regulation of total sulfur analyzer in coal
    GB / T 214-2007 determination of total sulfur in coal
    GB / T 483-2007 general provisions for experimental methods of coal analysis
    GB / T 387-1990 dark petroleum products Determination of sulfur content tube furnace method

    Instrument features:
    21 samples can be placed at one time, and the test efficiency is the highest.
    1. The test results are accurate, accurate and stable. Optimized system design ensures complete combustion of coal sample, complete so electrolysis and complete current (charge) integration.
    2. High precision, low drift hardware integration signal circuit design, single chip microcomputer in the electrolysis process of hardware integration in time, completely overcome the software integration is easy to miss the disadvantages of data, integration is complete, effectively ensure the accuracy of the measured value;
    3. The high temperature furnace is heated by silicon carbon tube, measured by Platinum Rhodium Platinum thermocouple and controlled by computer
    4. The double rod sample feeding mechanism greatly improves the stability of sample feeding, and has a unique lifting and pushing structure, which effectively avoids the problems of sample turning and sample sticking;
    5. Compared with the ordinary instrument, the area of the widened and thickened platinum electrolytic electrode (195mm? 2) and indicator electrode (77mm? 2) is increased by 30% and 4 times respectively, the contact surface is larger, and the integration is more accurate and complete.
    6. High degree of automation, automatic heating, constant temperature, cooling; storage, processing test data.
    7. After 20 samples are placed at one time, they are automatically sent, tested, produced and lost, and can be unattended. Samples can be added / replaced at any time during the experiment;
    8. The system design fully considers the fatigue resistance of the instrument (especially the components under high temperature environment). The high temperature furnace adopts imported new materials, which has good insulation effect and long service life;
    9. The unique working model and device design can minimize the water vapor flowing into the drying tube, and the large capacity drying tube can effectively reduce the frequency of desiccant replacement, operator labor intensity and operation cost;
    10. Using stable maintenance free air pump, no need to replace the rubber bowl, long service life;
    11. The air tightness inspection is convenient, and the operator can automatically complete it with a touch of his finger;
    12. The new design of leakage corrosion protection of electrolytic cell can avoid the corrosion of instrument caused by abnormal leakage;
    13. Equipped with silencing device, healthy and environmental protection.

  • Sulfur meter is the main instrument to measure the sulfur content in coal (microcoulometry is used to determine the sulfur content in petroleum). It is one of the important indexes to evaluate the quality of coal, and it is also one of the main components of air pollution. Therefore, the coal production departments and the departments of chemical fertilizer, power generation, civil use, coking and building materials all attach great importance to the analysis of total sulfur in coal. Sulfur detector is mainly used to determine the total sulfur content in coal, steel and various minerals. It is the preferred necessary instrument for laboratories of coal, electric power, chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy, geological exploration, commodity inspection, environmental protection testing and other departments.
  • 1. Sulfur measurement range: 0.01% ~ 99%
    2. Single sample test time: 3 ~ 5min / sample
    3. Minimum number of lofting: no less than 20
    4. Temperature control accuracy: ± 1 ℃
    5. Electrolytic cell volume: not less than 400ml
    6. Electrolytic electrode area: 195mm
    7. Indicator electrode area: 77mm 2
    8. Power supply: (220 ± 22) V, (50 ± 1) Hz
    9. Instantaneous maximum power of high temperature furnace: ≤ 3kw
    10. High temperature furnace temperature: 1150 ℃ (coal) 900 ℃ (oil) 1190 ℃ (cement)
    11. Heating time: rise to (1150 ± 5) ℃ not more than 25min

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