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Product Name:DN-8000 semi-trace steam nitrogen meter (including computer and printer)
Product price:
Shelf time:2019-07-23
  • Features
  • Range
  • Parameter
  • Adopt standard
  • Conditions of Use
    (1) Temperature: 0-40 C
    (2) Relative humidity: <80%
    (3) Power supply: voltage: 220 + 22V
    Frequency: 50 + 0.5Hz
    (4) Carrier gas: helium, purity higher than 99.8%.
    (5) Power: not less than 4.5KW.
    (6) No strong magnetic field interference
  • Method Principle
    Under the condition of alumina as catalyst and loosening agent, a certain amount of coal or coke samples were injected into steam at 1050 C. All nitrogen and its compounds in the samples were reduced to ammonia. The ammonia is distilled by sodium hydroxide solution and titrated by saturated boric acid solution. The nitrogen content is calculated according to the consumption of standard sulfuric acid solution.
  • Basic parameters
    (1) Measurement range: 0.01-50%
    (2) The sample size is about 100 mg.
    (3) Single determination time: about 35 minutes;
    (4) rated power consumption: 4000W
    technical requirement
    (1) Constant repeatability (GB/T 19227-2008) = 0.08%
    (2) Temperature Control Accuracy: Setting Value (+10 C)
    (3) Temperature control range:
    Hydrolysis Furnace: Room Temperature to 1200 Temperature
    Steam Generator: Room Temperature to 500 C
    Distillation Furnace: Room Temperature to 500 Temperature

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