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Product Name:FL-900 Microcomputer Automatic Fluorine and Chlorine Measuring Instrument
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Shelf time:2019-07-23
  • Features
  • Range
  • Parameter
  • Adopt standard
  • 1. Using Chinese LCD display, the interface is friendly and the operation is simple.

    2. The use of PID control furnace flow, high temperature control accuracy, effectively prolong the service life of silicon carbon tubes.

    3. The computer program automatically collects all kinds of curves and measurement data, and automatically calculates the measurement results.

    4. The titration speed and dosage can be automatically controlled by computer, and the calculation results can be automatically calculated to reduce human error.

    5. Temperature measurement adopts high precision and low temperature drift components, which ensures the long-term accuracy of temperature measurement.

    6. Fully automatic sampling system to avoid errors caused by manual sampling.

    7. Supporting fault self-diagnosis function and over-temperature protection function.

    8. The evaporation regulating potentiometer adopts Taiwan TOCOS potentiometer, which has high linearity and long service life.

    9. Configuration of high precision digital Ionometer ensures the accuracy of the experiment.

    10. Evaporation is regulated by digital method.

  • Computerized automatic fluorine and chlorine analyzer is mainly composed of high temperature sample preparation equipment and automatic measuring equipment. It is a special instrument for determining fluoride and chloride ions in coal. The sample solution of fluoride and chloride ions is obtained by high temperature combustion hydrolysis method. It meets the national standard GB/T4633-2014 "Determination of fluorine in coal" and GB/T3558-2014 "Coal in coal". The requirements of the Method for the Determination of Chlorine.

    Microcomputer automatic fluorine and chlorine analyzer is widely used in coal, power, metallurgy, Petrochemical geological prospecting, environmental protection, scientific research and school teaching industries for the determination of fluorine and chlorine content in combustibles.

  • Measurement range: fluorine 0.001%-80%, chlorine 0.001%-80%.

    Analysis period: hydrolysis time chlorine (35 min/sample), fluorine (35 min/sample)

    Analysis time: chlorine (5 min/sample), fluorine (5 min/sample)

    High-temperature hydrolysis tubular furnace: rated temperature 1300 (?), hydrolysis temperature 1100 (?) 10 (?), constant temperature zone length 100mm, temperature control accuracy (?) 3 (?).

    Oxygen Rotor Flowmeter: 1000 mL/min, minimum scale 50 mL/min;

    Water vapor evaporation: 2-3 mL/min;

    Power supply: AC220V + 10%; 50Hz; <5kW

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